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P.O. Box 850543, Braintree, MA 02185


The Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy:

(MAOT) provides a professional network for its members while developing and preserving occupational therapy as a profession. MAOT serves the interests of its members by representing the profession to the public and promoting better access to, and understanding of, occupational therapy.

MAOT has historically provided leadership and direction to move our profession forward. Our organization also strives to enhance communication among Massachusetts occupational therapy practitioners by posting on this website

  • news,
  • special interest group meetings,
  • continuing education and employment opportunities, and
  • clinical and regulatory developments.

MAOT is a volunteer organization run by its members. It is through their dedicated service that this organization remains effective. It is through the professional and dedicated service of the many hundreds of occupation therapy practitioners throughout Massachusetts that occupational therapy is viewed as vital in helping individuals, including the elderly, children, and the disabled to lead independent, satisfying, and productive lives.

MAOT is committed to serving the needs of occupational therapy practitioners in Massachusetts. This association has many projects which cannot be completed without your help. These projects affect you, your career, and your profession. Please help support and strengthen MAOT by learning more about us and becoming a member if you are not already.

Benefits of MAOT Membership

MAOT - Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy, Inc.
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