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Massachusetts Occupational Therapy Licensure
Information and Updates

Continuing Competency Regulations Enacted April 29, 2022!  
Regulations were enacted requiring licensees to complete continuing education activities.  This will take effect in September 2022 and will provide for a graduated/incremental implementation over the next two years.  See this link for more information:

Occupational Therapist Continuing Education Competency Requirements:

24 units per licensure cycle (2 units must be Law and Ethics)

Until August 2024, licensees renewing their occupational therapy license will only be required to complete 1 - 23 units of depending on the month of their license renewal. Please refer to for further information.

Occupational Therapy Practitioner Signature Update

See this link for the current regulations for occupational therapy practice in Massachusetts, updated in August 2020.  Of particular note, the designation for OTR/L and COTA/L no longer exist in Massachusetts (and should not not been used since November 2016.)  All occupational therapy practitioners should be signing their documentation and appropriately using the appropriate professional designation immediately following your name.  Massachusetts law requires an OT or an OTA signing any medical record, or any other professional documentation, with the licensee’s name, professional designation, and license number.  An example of correct signature would be: Mary Smith, OT, xxxx,  / John Doe, OTA, xxxx

Additionally, occupational therapy assistants can now participate in screenings as defined in these regulations: 

For the specific Continuing Competency regulations, please see this link:

For the specific implementation schedule, please see this link:

For additional information, please refer to the Allied Health web page:  

The Board of Registration of Allied Health Professions has been transitioned to the Department of Public Health (DPH) Bureau of Health Professions Licensure (BHPL).

The eLX eLicensing platform is now available ahead of schedule.  Practitioners should use eLX ( for licensing-related matters including applications and renewals.  If you have questions or issues about setting up your new account, please go to:

EmaIl the Allied Health Board:

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